Application of Ion Exchange and Macroporous Adsorption Resin in Wastewater Treatment

  • 2022-10-28

Organic wastewater treatment

The resin adsorption method can not only purify the organic wastewater, but also recycle the resources. It is the most promising organic wastewater treatment and adsorption method. The adsorption resin realizes the separation, collection and recovery of pollutants in organic wastewater through its internal special structure. It can realize the reuse of wastewater resources. The H series super specific surface area adsorption resin developed by our company can efficiently adsorb and separate organics in wastewater, and has been widely used in various organic wastewater treatment with remarkable effect.




Wastewater treatment and resource recovery of pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates. It can be used to adsorb and recover phenols, amines, organic acids, nitro compounds, etc., such as p-nitrophenol, o-nitrophenol, salicylic acid and other phenol containing wastewater.


Suitable for decolorization of organic wastewater


Used for the recovery of paracetamol from paracetamol refining mother liquor.


Ultra high cross-linking, large specific surface area, high phenol absorption, treatment and resource recovery of phenol and aniline organic wastewater.

Heavy metal wastewater treatment

A large amount of heavy metal wastewater will be produced in the electroplating electronics industry, which will bring great harm to the ecological environment. Our company has developed a variety of macroporous special resins for this kind of wastewater, which can be effectively treated.





Removal of heavy metals such as copper, manganese, zinc and nickel from electroplating wastewater



Removal of hexavalent chromium from wastewater


Removal of divalent metal ions such as calcium and magnesium in high concentration brine

Removal of arsenic from water

SANYI SY-903 special ion exchange resin is specially used to remove arsenic from water.

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