• Synthesis of styrene ion exchange resin(3)
    • 2022-06-21

    In addition to conventional ion exchange resins, micron fine-grained ion exchange resins are also developing rapidly. This kind of resin is mainly used for chromatographic separation. Therefore, a sufficiently small particle size (100~400 mesh) and a relatively narrow particle size distribution are key technical indicators. Suspension polymerization can prepare spheres with diameters ranging from ...

  • Synthesis of styrene ion exchange resin(2)
    • 2022-05-23

    (3)Suspension Crosslinking Copolymerization method Suspension polymerization is a method for preparing spherical polymers. Copolymerization is one of the ways to prepare binary or ternary copolymers and improve the properties of polymers. Suspension Crosslinking Copolymerization is a unique polymerization reaction used to prepare ion exchange resin skeleton copolymers. Suspension polymerization is...

  • Synthesis of styrene ion exchange resin(1)
    • 2022-05-16

    Crosslinked polystyrene is the matrix for the synthesis of a variety of ion exchange resins. The benzene ring on its high molecular chain can carry out many substitution reactions like small molecular aromatic hydrocarbons, so as to introduce various ion exchange groups to make ion exchange resin with excellent performance. 1. Preparation of crosslinked polystyrene spheres (1)Styrene monomer The p...

  • Synthesis of ion exchange resin
    • 2022-04-16

    Because phenolic ion exchange resin, polystyrene ion exchange resin and polyacrylic acid ion exchange resin show many excellent properties, the synthesis technology of ion exchange resin has developed rapidly, and inorganic ion exchanger and natural ion exchanger have been gradually replaced by synthetic organic ion exchange resin. In addition to strong acidic and weak acidic cation exchange resin...

  • Application of ion exchange resin
    • 2022-03-10

    Application of ion exchange resin 1、 Water treatment The amount used for water treatment is large, accounting for more than 90% of the output of ion exchange resin. There are divalent calcium, magnesium ions and trivalent iron ions in industrial water, which is easy to scale pipelines and boilers. The process of removing these metal ions is called water softening. The early softening of water was ...

  • How ion exchange resin works
    • 2022-02-18

    The exchange reaction of the ion exchange resin is similar to the replacement reaction in the solution. The exchangeable ions carried by the functional groups immobilized on the polymer backbone can be dissociated in the aqueous solution. For example, the hydrogen ions can be dissociated from the sulfonic acid resin. Such ions can move freely over a wide range and diffuse into the solution. At the...

  • What kinds of water quality can industrial water be divided into? What are the water quality requirements?
    • 2022-02-15

    Industrial water can be generally divided into the following six categories: (1)First grade softened water, hardness <0.02 mmol/L (2)Second grade softened water, hardness <0.0025 mmol/L (3)Alkali removal softened water, hardness <0.0025 mmol/L;degree of alkalinity,0.15 ~ 0.25 mmol/L (4)First grade demineralized water,conductivity <5 μS/cm,silicon dioxide <0.1 mg/L (5)Second grade demineralized wat...

  • Chemical desalting unit
    • 2021-11-01

    The chemical desalting system is selected according to the raw water quality and effluent requirements through technical and economic comparison. A chemical desalination system is usually composed of some units. For example, the common primary chemical desalination system is composed of three units: cation exchange unit, decarbonization (carbon dioxide removal) unit and anion exchange unit. Each i...

  • Principle of equipment setting in chemical demineralization system
    • 2021-10-11

    (1) The cation exchanger is located in front of the anion exchanger. The reasons are as follows: a. the exchange capacity of strong base anion exchange resin is low, and the ion exchange reaction efficiency of strong base anion resin in acidic water (H-type cation resin exchange water) is high, and the working exchange capacity can be fully utilized. b. After the raw water is exchanged by H-type c...

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