How to prevent resin pollution? How to deal with the contaminated resin?

How to prevent resin pollution? How to deal with the contaminated resin?

  • 2022-12-07
What is the cause of resin contamination?

The ion exchange resin is invaded by the suspended solids, colloids, organics, microorganisms, heavy metals, oxides and other harmful impurities dissolved in the water during use, which makes the performance of the resin significantly worse. In one case, the exchange capacity of the resin is significantly reduced and regeneration is difficult due to the blockage of impurities more than times of the exchange channel inside the resin or the surface covering or the occupation of exchange groups. The other is that harmful impurities break the cross-linking structure of the resin or degrade the exchange group, resulting in resin damage, debris loss with water and reduced exchange capacity.

How to prevent resin pollution? How to deal with the pollution?

1. Control the inlet water quality

2. After every 10-20 cycles of operation, check the pollution of the resin, and deal with the pollution in a timely manner.

3. Strengthen the anti-corrosion treatment and daily anti-corrosion inspection of the equipment, and eliminate the anti-corrosion fault in time if it is found, so as to avoid operation with defects.

4. Treatment of iron pollution: 10% HCL dynamic method can be used to regenerate the resin, and then 10% HCL can be used to soak the resin for 5-8 hours; Or soak in 10% NaCL+1% EDTA disodium for 6-8 hours.

5. Treatment of active residual chlorine pollution: an active carbon filter can be set in front of the exchanger or sodium sulfite can be added to the water.

6. Treatment of organic pollution: The mixed solution of NaCL+NaOH can be used to treat the resin polluted by organic pollution. To improve the treatment effect, the treatment temperature can be raised to 40-50 ℃. NaCL+sodium hypochlorite solution can also be used to soak the organically contaminated resin. The raw water containing organic matters shall be filtered by activated carbon filter to minimize the pollution of organic matters.

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