Application of Macroporous Adsorption Resin in Plant Extraction

  • 2022-11-16
Macroporous adsorption resin technology is a new process developed in the 1970s. In short, it is really a purification and refining method to adsorb the effective ingredients in the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine compound through macroporous resin, and then elute and recover to remove impurities. Different types of resins are selected according to the different components of the liquid medicine and the different substances extracted. Adsorption resin is specially used for the components of non-polar adsorption resin in the adsorption solution.

Advantages of macroporous adsorption resin technology in the application of traditional Chinese medicine:

First, it can reduce the dosage and improve the internal quality and preparation level of traditional Chinese medicine. The refined product obtained through the treatment of macroporous resin adsorption technology can make the active ingredients highly concentrated, with few impurities, and the extraction yield is only 2-5% of the original drug, while the same water boiling method is about 20-30%, and the alcohol precipitation method is about 15%. The dosage is reduced, the impurities are less, and the internal quality is improved, which is conducive to the preparation of modern dosage forms of traditional Chinese medicine and the quality control.

Second, reduce the moisture absorption of the product. Most of the Chinese patent medicines prepared by traditional techniques have strong moisture absorption, which is a long-term problem in the production and storage of traditional Chinese medicines. After being treated by macroporous resin adsorption technology, a large amount of moisture absorption ingredients such as sugars, inorganic salts and mucus in the decoction can be effectively removed, which is conducive to the production of a variety of traditional Chinese medicine dosage forms and enhances the stability of the products.

Third, the macroporous adsorption resin technology can shorten the production cycle, and the required equipment is simple, eliminating time-consuming work such as settling and concentration, saving packaging, reducing costs, and creating conditions for Chinese medicine to enter the international market.

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