Application of ion exchange resin in drinking water

  • 2022-10-26

SANYI-D1100FG is a kind of high-purity and high-capacity polyacrylic acid series weak acid cation exchange resin specially developed for drinking water treatment. The resin has both high exchange capacity and superior kinetic properties. Its carboxylic acid functional groups have high chemical efficiency in many application fields, especially in the removal of carbonates in water treatment, which has a strong ability to absorb alkaline earth metals in a short contact time. The resin can contact with drinking water and is mainly used for water softening and desalination.

In the process of treatment, the carbonate in the feed is converted into carbon dioxide, which will make the treated water have a good taste while its hardness is reduced, and the PH value is also reduced, greatly reducing the possibility of floating scale and incrustation in the processing of domestic water, food and beverage.

This product can also be used to selectively recover transition metals from aqueous solutions. The resin is insoluble in acid, alkali and many conventional solvents. In fact, weak acid cation resin has been increasingly used in many special fields, such as wastewater treatment to reduce environmental pollution. SANYI-D1100FG has excellent selectivity for heavy metal ions, and has been used to replace chelating resin in many instances, especially for removing trace toxic metal ions from wastewater.

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