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Ion exchange resin branch of China Membrane Industry Association held the 10th general meeting to elect a new leading group

  • 2020-10-27

The 10th general meeting of ion exchange resin branch of China Membrane Industry Association was held in Nanjing On October 24, 2020. 80 representatives of industry member units attended the meeting, and vice president Zhang Weiguo presided over the meeting. Honorary Secretary General Wang Jiaxing sent a congratulatory letter to the conference and extended warm congratulations to the conference.

President Wang Jiwen made a report on the work of the ninth Council. The report comprehensively and profoundly reviews the main work of the ninth Council in the past five years from the aspects of giving full play to the functions of the association, strengthening the self-discipline of the industry, enhancing the social influence, and leading the healthy development of the industry. Over the past five years, the management level and service quality of the branch have been continuously improved, the overall strength of the industry has been significantly improved, the cohesion and centripetal force of the industry have been greatly enhanced, the division of labor and cooperation of the industry has gradually formed, and the overall efficiency of the industry has reached a new historical height. At the end of the report, he analyzed the current development situation of the world economy and the arduous tasks facing it, pointed out the shortcomings in the work, and put forward suggestions and opinions for the next Council.

At the meeting, the report on the income and expenditure of the ninth council membership dues made by Vice President Kou Xiaokang was heard, deliberated and approved. The report gives a detailed account of the income and expenditure of membership dues in the past five years. Membership dues are used in various services for members. Membership dues are strictly managed and their income and expenditure are clear.

A new Council and leading group were elected at the meeting. 26 directors were elected. Wang Jiwen was elected president and Secretary General; Jiang Huiping, Shen Jianhua, Wang Jiawei and Kou Xiaokang were elected senior vice presidents; Zhang Weiguo, Ma Yuxin, Dai Yaping, Mao Jinchi and Shang Xinquan were elected vice presidents; Wu Hongmei was elected deputy secretary general.

Wang Jiwen, the newly elected president, made a speech at the meeting. He said that he would live up to the expectations of the public, be full of confidence, determination and ability to serve the industry well. Seriously planning, active operation and maintenance, extensive contact with members, understand everyone's needs, play a good role as a bridge, improve service quality, promote enterprise cooperation, and promote the development of resin industry to a new level.

The meeting also heard the report of "analysis of current situation and trend of ion exchange resin market at home and abroad" by Yang Tianlei, vice president of Langsheng group, and the report of "key development direction of petrochemical industry in the 14th five year plan" by Bu Xinping, Secretary General of new materials special committee of China Petrochemical Federation.

The meeting successfully completed all the agenda and concluded with warm applause from the delegates.

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