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The 5th meeting of the 9th Council of ion exchange resin branch of China Membrane Industry Association was held in Hangzhou

  • 2020-06-14

The ion exchange resin branch of China Membrane Industry Association held the fifth meeting of the ninth Council in Hangzhou On June 14, 2020. 56 representatives from 26 units from all over the country attended the meeting. Vice Chairman Zhang Weiguo presided over the meeting, and Chairman Wang Jiwen made a speech.

Chairman Wang Jiwen delivered a report on the work of the fifth session of the Ninth Council. The report earnestly summarized the work carried out by the branch since the fourth session of the Ninth Council, and made clear arrangements for the next key work.

Industry organizations closely focus on the needs and development of enterprises and actively carry out various tasks: The industry standard of "Ion Exchange Resin Production and Recycling of Sulfuric Acid" was officially implemented on April 1, turning hazardous waste into hazardous chemical products, and dispelling the fetters of enterprise survival Strengthen industry self-discipline to promote mutual benefit and win-win of enterprises, and industry profits have achieved the best results in history; industry organizations give full play to the role of bridges and bonds, assist enterprises to obtain financial rewards and government support, and provide various services for enterprise development; hold a resin list Participate in special seminars on national food additives, grasp industry trends, and promote the healthy development of the industry.

The report pointed out that the sustainable development of the petrochemical industry in 2020 will face more severe challenges, and the downward pressure will not change significantly, and there will be further increased risks. It is impossible for our resin industry to stand alone, and the pressure is huge. It is hoped that all production enterprises will take a long-term view, pay attention to safety and environmental protection, increase investment in technological research and development, improve product quality and realize green production. At the same time, we must hold a group for warmth, consider the overall situation, and cooperate for a win-win situation.

This meeting has completed five items of agenda, and everyone fully affirmed the work of the branch. The meeting ended in an atmosphere of unity, tension, democracy and harmony, and was a complete success.

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