• Preparation of ultrapure water for electronic industry
    • 2021-06-08

    In the electronic industry, from the cleaning of various electronic components to the preparation of a series of process solutions, high-quality pure water is needed, especially in the production of semiconductor devices and large-scale integrated circuits. Almost every process needs to be cleaned with ultrapure water. Ultra pure water plays an increasingly important role in the electronic industr...

  • What is ion exchange resin ?
    • 2021-04-26

    Ion exchange resin is a kind of insoluble polymer compound with functional group (active group of ion exchange), network structure, which  is also a kind of polymer that acts as a medium for ion exchange. Ion exchange resin provids a large surface area on and inside them, and the capture of ions is accompanied by the release of other ions, so this process is called ion exchange. According to ...

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